Advantages and differences of flowmeter products industry in China

- Jul 06, 2017-

Flowmeter product production and research and development in China started relatively early, at present, the industry's overall technical level is not inferior to international level. However, because of the late development of China's market economy system, in the flow meter product market operation and the standard aspect, this profession still has the insufficiency in our country. This section mainly sums up the advantages and gaps of the flowmeter products industry in China's water industry.

1. Industry Advantage Market Attractive

China's water industry is an emerging industry. Based on the current situation of the industry and the current situation of China's water resources, the relevant market for various types of water industry related equipment demand will be enormous. As one of the important testing equipment, flowmeter in water supply and drainage, especially in the field of wastewater treatment is not to be underestimated. With the increasing importance of the water industry in China and the promulgation of various relevant laws and regulations, all kinds of related projects have been started successively, the latent capacity of the flowmeter market is huge.

High level of production and development of flowmeter products

In the late 50 's, flowmeter began to be used in China's industrial production, in the 70 and 80, the development of rapid. So far, no matter from the speed of product development, or product quality, especially precision, the overall level of China's flowmeter is never inferior to international standards.

2. Industry disadvantage

In China's instrument and instrumentation industry in the background, the flow meter manufacturers and dispersed, brand concentration is not high. A large number of small manufacturers, limited research and development capacity. If there are foreign products into the same market segment, the formation of competition, these domestic small enterprises will face severe challenges in Asia, the situation is very unfavorable.