Characteristics of piezoelectric buzzer

- Jul 06, 2017-

Piezoelectric buzzer and other buzzer comparison has the following advantages:

1, because there is no movable contact part, so long life, high reliability, continuous use up to 10,000 hours, is semi-permanent device

2, does not produce the flying arc or the RF noise, does not disturb to the other line

3, will not cause the loosening of large vibration

4, with electronic circuit control, so can emit a variety of pleasant sound and analog sound, intermittent sound. Pure sound, not easily covered by noise

5, with voltage excitation, so the consumption of current small, generally under 20mA, will not exceed 100mA

6. Small volume. The volume can reach 70 db/20cm, and the component thickness is only 1mm below

7. Wide operating Temperature range

8, easy to install, and no electromagnetic coil and moving ring, do not worry about deterioration of insulation, and no leakage of the possibility