Classification of piezoelectric buzzer

- Jul 06, 2017-

In addition to the two electrodes of the full electrode type piezoelectric buzzer, there is a three-electrode feedback electrode-type piezoelectric buzzer. Generally, the full electrode-type beep-driven circuit is simple, but it emits less sound, and the feedback electrode-type drive circuit is relatively complex, but the sound is louder.

To be differentiated by the way of return, piezoelectric buzzer is divided into two kinds: the back-type buzzer (self-excited type) and the no-return-type bee-ringing (external-shock type). When the back-grant buzzer is paired with the positive-return oscillation circuit, it produces a mono that is the same as the resonant cavity frequency, while the non-return buzzer can be matched with an external oscillating circuit to select any frequency to emit sound.