Precautions for Ultrasonic sensors

- Jul 06, 2017-

1: In order to ensure reliability and long service life, do not use the sensor outdoors or above the rated temperature.

2: As the ultrasonic sensor to the air as the transmission medium, so the local temperature is not at the same time, the reflection and refraction at the boundary may lead to misoperation, the detection of the wind when the distance will also change. Therefore, sensors should not be used next to devices such as forced ventilators.

3: Jets with jet nozzles have a variety of frequencies that affect the sensor and should not be used near the sensor.

4: The water droplets on the sensor surface shorten the detection distance.

5: The material such as fine powder and cotton yarn cannot be detected when absorbing sound (reflective sensor).

6: The sensor can not be used in the vacuum zone or explosion-proof zone.

7: Do not use the sensor in the area with steam; the atmosphere in this area is uneven. will produce a temperature gradient, resulting in a measurement error.