Analysis Of The Development Status Of Sensor Market In China In 2014

- Jul 06, 2017-

China's sensor industry is lagging behind, the domestic demand for sensors, especially high-end demand for imports, the domestic gap is huge, the current sensor imports accounted for 80%, sensor chip imports accounted for 90% of domestic demand is urgent.

Sensor is a veritable sunrise industry, even in the international financial crisis in the 2008, the sensor market in China still has a contrarian growth of more than 20 good performance. The sensor industry is attracting the attention of the world with its high technical content, good economic benefit, strong penetrating ability and broad market prospect. By the Chinese Electronic Components industry association sensitive components and Sensors Branch (abbreviation Association Branch), the China-Hao Electronics Co., Ltd., the Chinese sensitive components and sensors industry Development forum and the CLP Yuan Association for the 2009 annual meeting, held in Carey, Guizhou Province, August 28. In this meeting, industry-led, business executives, research institute experts and scholars of nearly 90 people on the current situation of the industry development, market applications and technology trends and so on in-depth exchanges and discussion.

China's sensor market has continued to grow in recent years growth rate of more than 15.2012 years China's four major areas of sensor applications for industrial and automotive electronics, communications electronic products, consumer electronics equipment, including industrial and automotive electronic products accounted for about 42% of the market share, the market scale of 16 billion yuan, the sensor market breakthrough of 50 billion yuan.