System Structure Of Ultrasonic Sensor

- Jul 06, 2017-

Consists of a transmitting sensor (or a wave transmitter), a receiving sensor (or a wave receiver), a control part and a power supply part. Transmitter sensor by the transmitter and the use of the diameter of 15mm ceramic vibrator Transducer, the role of the transducer is the ceramic oscillator of the electrical vibration energy into the super energy and radiation to the air; and the receiving sensor is composed of ceramic vibrator transducer and amplifying circuit, the transducer receiving wave generates mechanical vibration, transforms it into electrical energy, and acts as the output of the sensor receiver, and then detects the transmitted super. In actual use, the ceramic oscillator of the transmitter sensor can also be used as the ceramic oscillator of the receiver sensor.

The control part mainly controls the pulse chain frequency, the duty ratio, the sparse modulation, the counting and the detection distance of the transmitter. The Ultrasonic sensor power supply (or signal source) can be dc12v±10% or 24v±10%.