Height Measurement Sensor

Height Measurement Sensor

Height Measurement Sensor applies ultrasonic sensor of transceiver type, from which ultrasonic wave is remitted and spread through air in certain direction, and some of the wave be reflected by water and be received by the sensor. Then the built-in microprocessor can calculate the time “t” between transmitting and receiving, as a result, the height “L” between water level and the proximity switch can be counted together with the spread speed “V” of ultrasonic wave.
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Height Measurement Sensor measures the time interval between emitting the ultrasonic pulses and receiving the echo to determine the distance to nearby objects. The distance value is indicated by the pulse width of output signals. Advanced signal processing technique is used in this module to enhance the measurement reliability and the anti-interference ability.


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  • digital output

  • Small blind zone

  • Short response time




1Range of Measurement170~3000mm
3Response Time1ms
4Rated Working VoltageDC 5V
5Working Currency≤10mA
6Working Temperature-40℃~+80℃




Obstacle avoidance system for UAV / AGV / robot

Height measurement




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